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RA-S Elegant Cursive2

RA-S Elegant Cursive2

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TTF for CorelDRAW/Silhouette





Elegant Cursive is a beautifully made font, similar to elegant cursive 2 but larger, with uppercase letters about 2.1 inches for ss10 stone sizing.

You will use will use the Standard point sizing in CorelDRAW and Silhouette. It is as follows. 

SS06:  223 points

SS10  306 points (this is at a .135 circle size)

SS16: 401 points

Do you use Cricut Design Space? Then you will size it at 232 in the Font Point Box of Cricut Design Space (Cricut always sizes a bit different than ALL the other Rhinestone Software!)  With 12 unique uppercase letters and a classic look, it's perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your project.



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