For those who are wondering Why we are changing the Terms of use:

Over the Last 12 Years of selling our TTF/OT Fonts,  we have seen the industry change multiple times, and many of you have become talented rhinestone designers yourselves.

 We want to make the Terms of Use a WIN WIN for both of us!!!! So here are  the   NEW TERMS OF USE for TTF/OTF Rhinestone Fonts: 

  1. If you have purchased one of our TTF rhinestone fonts in the past, and want to make your own design downloads to sell, you have our permission to go ahead and do that, provided that our font is being used within your own design (eg. You have your own artistic elements combined with our font letters) In other words:

            You cannot sell our letters/words as an svg/eps/cdr file by      themselves… just use them in your OWN design, that way you can be proud that it is your own work!!! 

  1. If you now are interested in purchasing one of our new fonts, we have a couple of options for you when you purchase the fonts:

If you use Corel/Silhouette to design, and want one of those fonts  you will be given 2 choices:

  1. Rhinestone Font for End Products only :$ 6
  2. Rhinestone Font for End Products and Design Downloads: $ 9

Yup, you read that right, you can make downloads with the fonts, under the rules we have stated.   

Here are examples of what is acceptable and what is not:



** Just like Netflix, Apple, iTunes we reserve the right to change our Terms of use, and hopefully this will help all of you, our customers.