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RA-S 210 Cursive Font

RA-S 210 Cursive Font

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TTF for CorelDRAW/Silhouette




 RA-S 210 is a Cursive Font! It is LOVELY. Double Lines, upper and lower case lettering, and we use it ourselves often in designing.

 You will use will use the Standard point sizing in CorelDRAW and Silhouette. 

It is as follows.

  SS06:  223 points

SS10   306 points (this is at a .135 circle size)

SS16: 401 points

  This allows you to accurately measure size requirements for your Rhinestone Craft Design.

Plus you can use the digitizing tools to directly create rhinestone patterns and artwork.

Do you use Cricut Design Space? Then you will size it at 304 in the Font Point Box of Cricut Design Space  You can easily size, measure, and digitize with this software for a wide range of projects. Plus, you'll have full control over font size, shape, and design with RA-S 210.



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