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RA-S 159 Cursive Double

RA-S 159 Cursive Double

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TTF for CorelDRAW/Silhouette




All in All one of our very favorite fonts. 159 Cursive Double is a great  medium size font, that comes together beautifully, with upper and lower case lettering.

You will use will use the Standard point sizing in CorelDRAW and Silhouette. It is as follows. 

SS06:  278 points

SS10   382 points (this is at a .135 circle size)

SS16:  500 points


Do you use Cricut Design Space? Then you will size it at 295 in the Font Point Box of Cricut Design Space (Cricut always sizes a bit different than ALL the other Rhinestone Software!) This helps the precision and accuracy of the rhinestones, so you can rest assured knowing that you're getting the exact product that you ordered.



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